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There are four major areas of interest I'll pursue as Carroll County District 1 Commissioner.


Law and order are vital to liberty and peace. Supporting the Carroll County Sheriff's Department in the tireless work they do is crucial to this - making sure they have the funding, manpower, and resources to do so.  I'll seek ways in which the county and municipal law enforcement can continue to work together. I'll also continue to back School Resource Officers, support increasing salaries to competitive levels, support increasing pension disability, and support creating a Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights.


From fire and emergency services to roads, from veterans affairs and county institutions to nonprofits, businesses, and organizations, from individual rights, unique local concerns and challenges to communication and responsiveness to municipalities and individuals, to the national and state issues which affect us here, to supporting local control and opposing mandates, I will pursue sound policies and positions in order to make sure that Carroll County's citizens are well-served, and I will personally keep involved wherever possible.


Carroll County's schools rank among the best in Maryland, and it is important that students, teachers, and the Board of Education are supported in their endeavors, and that teachers and the Board of Education are able to continue to provide students with every possible opportunity for their lives ahead.  This includes not only education in the classroom, but career and technical education as well. It also includes opposing divisive programs, such as Critical Race Theory.


The rural, small-town nature of Carroll County is central to who we are. Agriculture has been central to our history, and is the number-one industry here even today. Caution toward development, preserving agriculture, and supporting trends and innovations in  technology which keep farms open and operational are among those crucial policies to pursue. Additionally, I will seek to work with our state senator and delegates in Annapolis to find ways of reducing the state's burdens on farmers.

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