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This is why I'm running for Commissioner.

Since 2013, I've been a member of the City Council in Taneytown, where I currently serve as both Police Liaison and Mayor Pro Tem.

We have a strong record in Taneytown. Among other things, we cut water and sewer rates, cut debt, supported our police, backed individual rights, and never voted to increase the tax rate.

I want to translate that success and experience to service at the county level.

I want to make sure that Carroll County continues to do well.

I love being able to help where I can, whether it is attending events, supporting small businesses, advocating for good causes and local groups, and more.

I believe that honor, civility, convictions, and hard work are vital in elected office, and are as important as the issues at hand.

I know enough to know I don't know everything. I'm not afraid to ask questions and seek answers, or to be the only one who

takes a stand on critical issues.

I always try to follow my conscience, and do what is right.

It's all for home.

I'm Roman Catholic, and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

I am a proud American, and a conservative Republican.

I'm a graduate of Mount Saint Mary's University, where I studied

history, political science, and philosophy.

I currently work as a writer and graphic designer. In the past, I've worked in retail and the home improvement trade.

And, of course, I have two pups - Frankie and Maddie!

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