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Our Founding Fathers believed in the lessons of the past. They understood what Shakespeare meant when he wrote that, “What’s past is prologue” – that history matters, that it makes sense of the present, and that it can help determine the future.

Below, you'll find my record as a member of the City Council of Taneytown, demonstrating successes and support for everything from individual rights to backing law enforcement.

This is the kind of experience I'll use in service as a County Commissioner.


  • Supported individual citizen rights ranging from urban homesteading to the keeping of chickens to fire pits

  • Spearheaded, and authored the City's response against racist propaganda distributed in town

  • Voted for legislation to regulate against excessive noise

  • Voted for and supported floodplain management to enable vulnerable homeowners to purchase federal flood insurance through FEMA

  • Supported and voted for new playground equipment at Taneytown Memorial Park

  • Supported and voted for new playground equipment at Taneytown High School Park

  • Supported and voted for new disability-inclusive playground equipment at Flickinger Park

  • Supported allowing dogs and pets in parks

  • Supported and voted for continued work on Bollinger Park

  • Spearheaded and voted for legislation to restrict marijuana dispensaries, keeping them away from residential neighborhoods, parks, and schools

  • Voted for legislation to restrict adult entertainment shops, keeping them away from residential neighborhoods, parks, and schools

  • Supported and voted for restrictions on small cell wireless towers/technology

  • Advocated for the restriction of facial recognition technology by businesses to ensure the right of privacy for citizens

  • Voted to enact developer park impact fees to better fund, develop, and maintain parks.

  • Has advocated against, and voted against, development which exceeds adequate public facilities and infrastructure

  • Voted to support property owners in removing their land from the Growth Area in order to enter the land into Agricultural Preservation.


  • Supported and helped lead the first town-backed Halloween event since the 1990s

  • Supported Councilwoman Judy Fuller's Holiday in the Park and Christmas Tree Lighting event to expand the size and scope of holiday celebrations

  • Served on and supported the Taneytown Homelessness Committee

  • Supported Taneytown Police Department's numerous charity and food drives

  • Has supported, attended, and personally helped with countless official city and privately-sponsored community events, fairs, organizations, and causes in town, including Relay for Life, The Sober Truth, Caring and Sharing and more

  • Supported Taneytown Historical Museum's efforts to relocate and find a permanent home


  • Created and voted for the free customer parking pass trial program, 2020-present to encourage patronage and provide assistance to businesses during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Voted for and supported resolutions and ordinances providing for business vitality, such as allowing sidewalk displays, grants for facade improvements, and tax credits

  • Voted to alter the public works agreement with the Tannery Barn to facilitate their construction progress and changes in their design

  • Voted for rezoning to allow Evapco to expand

  • Supported and voted for free holiday parking in town, 2019-2020

  • Served on the Taneytown Coronavirus Small Business Relief Committee

  • Voted against a letter of welcome to a marijuana grower and processor in Taneytown

  • Supported the right of gun shops to be open in town

  • Voted for environmentally-conscious legislation ranging from energy efficiencies to setting aside land for parks to supporting stormwater management efforts to tree and natural area preservation

  • Defended Taneytown's sovereignty and borders against county zoning overreach in 2014


  • Has served as police liaison for Mayor and Council since 2017, advocating for the needs and requirements of the Taneytown Police Department


  • Has directly supported the Taneytown Police Department by voting for new vehicles, new technology, and equipment, fully funding the department, and by defending the police against political drama

  • During protests, stood with the Taneytown Police Department and law enforcement to demonstrate the support of local elected officials, and to ensure safety, law, and order for all - including First Amendment Rights of protestors

  • Voted for the transition to 12-hour shifts from 10-hour shifts for officers, at the request of the Department to improve officer morale and safety

  • Advocated for increasing the number of officers consistent with the growth of the town and our population

  • Served on the interview board for new police recruits, helping to oversee the hiring of four officers

  • Voted for and supported an extensive, independent audit of the Taneytown Police Department to ensure transparency and the most up-to-date training, protocols, policies, and more

  • Voted to donate used police vehicles to the Taneytown Volunteer Fire Company, saving them tens of thousands of dollars

  • Voted for and supported TASER equipment and new cameras for the Taneytown Police Department

  • Voted to give police officers compensatory stipends for additional work through the coronavirus pandemic

  • Voted to increase police officer salaries to competitive levels

  • Voted to support Taneytown's refusal to become a sanctuary city

  • Voted to allow the Police Department to join in the county-initiated participation in MCIN

  • Voted to allow Taneytown Police Officers to be deputized under the Sheriff's Department for cross-jurisdictional operations


  • Voted for and lowered water and sewer rates, and has consistently supported the same lowered rate for the past five years.

  • Authored the 2017 Policy for Use of Growth Revenue

       which helped lead to the lowering of water and sewer rates.

  • Initiated and voted for a reevaluation of Taneytown's finances to lower water and sewer rates.

  • Voted against water and sewer rate increases

  • Served on the 2015 Water and Sewer Committee to prioritize methods for accurate meter readings and fees, such as replacing failed meter batteries at no cost to residents.

  • Supported and promoted innovative ideas for cutting costs over the past four years, including ideas ranging from selling excess wastewater to cheaper alternative energy options.

  • Voted for the purchasing of new efficient equipment to cut utilities costs at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Voted for and supported the reduction of utilities loan debt to help balance the budget

  • Voted for and supported inflow and infiltration abatement to improve sewer use, protect the environment, and cut costs.


  • Voted for and supported the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials

  • Voted for and supported the Code of Conduct Charter Amendment providing for removal of criminals from elected office and allowing citizens to recall elected officials.

  • Supported the YES effort for the November 2016 Referendum Vote on the same conduct Charter Amendment, upheld by citizens.

  • Voted for and supported Campaign Finance Reform

  • Supported Ethics Committee's requirements for quarterly updates and conflict of interest disclosures

  • Supported the publishing of ethics documents online

  • Introduced and supported the idea of legislation cover sheets to increase transparency and provide greater contextual information about the resolutions and ordinances voted on

  • Supported limits on emergency powers of city managers


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